Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read, review and be sure you understand our Terms of Use prior to purchasing, downloading or using any of the Websites, Templates and/or Logos from iReadySites. You should carefully read all of our terms and conditions as your purchase or use of any iReadySites Product(s), or services and use of this Website and any materials or Products available herein identifies that you agree to the following Terms of Use and that you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions accordingly.

  1. Definitions:

    The following definitions apply: 'We' 'Us' 'our' and 'ourselves' means iReadySites. 'Contract' means these terms and conditions, appropriate purchase orders and the Special Conditions. 'Customer' means the Customer who purchases the Goods. 'Goods' means the products /services including but not limited to items provided by us as set out in the appropriate purchase order. 'Third Party Software' means all software owned by or licensed to the Customer from a third party owner (whether or not supplied by us) and which comprises part of the goods.

    'Special Conditions' means an additional term or condition which has been agreed by the parties in writing and signed by an authorized signatory of ourselves and Customer. 'Standard Charges' means our charges for the Goods and the services to be provided under the Contract from time to time in force.

  2. General:

    2a. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts made between ourselves and the Customer whether written or verbal and supersede all earlier conditions of sale.
    2b. The Contract supersedes all prior agreements or contracts between the parties and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified, waived or amended or supplemented except by written agreement between the parties.
    2c. A contract will not be deemed to be binding on ourselves unless the Customer's purchase order has been accepted by the ourselves until such a time as the Customer received confirmation of their order in writing. We may, at our discretion accept any order placed by the Customer. The order will not be accepted by ourselves except in accordance with the terms of this clause.
    2d. No quotation or estimate given by us shall be deemed to be binding on the parties unless expressed in writing as a 'fixed quotation' by us. It will be valid only until the date specified in the 'fixed quotation'. In which case it will be open to acceptance by the Customer. On receipt of a written acceptance of the fixed quotation by the Customer the Goods will be delivered to the Customer by a date to be notified by ourselves.

  3. Website and Templates License & Usage:

    Our Websites and/or Templates can be acquired only in one type of license:

    Single-site License - This license grants you the right to use The Website and/or Template Script/Software according to these terms and conditions but it does not grant you the property of The Website and/or Template Script/Software. The Website and/or Template Script/Software is licensed, not sold. Background scripts/codes may be encrypted and may not be available for editing.

    This license is revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive.

    Permitted use

    • The "Single-site" license allows you to install The Website and/or Template Script/Software on a single public website (one domain name) operated by you.
    • You may use The Website and/or Template Script/Software on your development machine for testing purposes.
    • You may modify/add Content, Images, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and/or CSS code to suit your needs using the online content management system available with the "Premium" website.

    Forbidden use

    • You are not allowed to resell or redistribute our "Goods", modified or unmodified, to another person, nor can a user place any of our "Product including Website and/or Template ", modified or unmodified, on a website or any other medium for distribution.
    • You may not modify/add the base code that integrate/run the entire "Premium" website solution.
    • You may not remove any copyright or authorship notices from The Website and/or Template Script/Software.
    • You may not transfer, sell, rent or sub license The Website and/or Template Script/Software or any portion of it.
    • You must not remove the link(s) to iReadySites on the website and/or template.

      Please Note:
      Removing the "iReadySites" link(s) is a violation of our license. Our link(s) MUST also remain visible should you wish to leave the link in place.

      Contact iReadySites here, should you have any questions or concerns about this.

  4. Price:

    43a. We reserve the right to increase the price of the Goods in accordance with our Standard Charges at the date of delivery to the Customer should the price of the Goods increase between the time of order and the time of delivery. We will notify the Customer prior to delivery should this situation arise.
    4b. We reserve the right to adjust prices in accordance with any changes beyond our control but not limited to rates, duties or taxes payable or collectable by ourselves including those payable by ourselves in obtaining a supply from overseas.
    If requested, we will produce proof of all charges and changes to the Customer.
    4c. The 'price' is the price of the Goods, plus any additional charges mentioned in clause 4b, which is payable by the Customer on all Goods.
    4d. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing, the price does not include installation, operator training, traveling or hotel expenses. If any such services are provided by ourselves, the Customer will pay us, our Standard Charges for them.

  5. Payment:

    The price of the 'Goods' is payable on demand. If the Customer does not pay any sums due to ourselves on demand or within the agreed credit term, (whichever is appropriate), without prejudice to any other right of ourselves, we reserve the right to charge interest on the balance of the invoice at the rate of 5% per month. The Customer will also be obliged to reimburse us for all costs and expenses (including legal) incurred in collecting any over-due amounts.

  6. Delivery and Acceptance:

    6a. Whilst we will use our best endeavors to deliver the Goods on the agreed date, we shall be under no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting to the Customer, due to a delay by ourselves in delivering the Goods.
    6b. The Customer has no right to modify, cancel or change the delivery date without the prior written consent of ourselves.
    6c. We reserve the right to make delivery by installments. In this event, these terms and conditions will apply to each delivery as though it were a separate contract.
    6d. We reserve the right to use our own chosen carrier (if required) for delivery of the Goods to the Customer. Goods will only be delivered (if required) to the address on the invoice unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing at the time of placing the order.
    6e. We reserve the right to withhold any deliveries if payment following previous transactions is overdue.
    6f. Delivery will be deemed to have been made, when the Customer or nominated person accepts and/or signs for delivery of the Goods. The Customer must inform us within 2 days of delivery if the order is short or inappropriate in any way. After that time the Customer cannot make a claim against ourselves in respect of any damage or shortage.
    6g. If we agree to arrange for delivery of the Goods to any Customer on a specific date, the Customer must give verbal and written notice to us immediately if the Goods are not received within 3 days of the expected delivery date. If the Customer fails so to do so, the delivery will be deemed to have been made and any due payment will become due, whether or not it has actually been delivered.

  7. Copyright:

    7a. The Customer is not entitled to any rights of copyright or design or any similar rights in respect of any of the Goods.
    7b. We are is free to produce similar goods and sell them to other parties without any restriction.

    Our Address:
    216, St. 11. Pakistan Town, Lohi Bhair
    Islamabad, Pakistan Tel: 92 51 549 3310

  8. Force Majeure:

    8a. We are not liable for any failure in performance of any obligations under the Contract caused by factors outside our control.

    In the event of such failure, we may terminate the Contract without liability to the Customer.

  9. Guarantee:

    9a. All our Goods come with a 30-days hassle-free moneyback guarantee.
    9b. The guarantee period on all products, unless otherwise stated is for 30-days from date of sale from the us to the customer.
    9c. The express terms of the Contract are in lieu of all warranties, conditions, terms, undertakings and obligations implied by statute, common law, custom, trade usage, cause of dealing or otherwise, all of which are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
    9d. We have no liability or obligation to replace the goods if any file/script has been modified improperly, stored or used, damaged by accident or neglect or maintained other than the proper procedures as described iReadySites.

  10. Proprietary Rights in Software Products:

    10a. The Customer acknowledges that any proprietary rights in any Third Party Software supplied within this contract, including but not limited to any title or ownership rights, patent rights, copyrights and trade secret rights, shall at all times and for all purposes vest and remain vested in the Third Party Software owner.
    10b. The Customer acknowledges that it is its sole responsibility to comply with any terms and conditions of license attaching to Third Party Software supplied and delivered by ourselves (including, if so required the execution and return of a Third Party Software license). The Customer is hereby notified that failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in the Customer being refused a software license or having the same revoked by the proprietary Software owner as a result of any breach by the Customer of such conditions.
    10c. No title or ownership of Software products or any Third Party Software licensed to the Customer under this agreement is transferred to the Customer under any circumstances.

  11. Returns and Refunds:

    11a. All our pre-made Goods come with a 30-days hassle-free moneyback guarantee. If due to any reason you are not satisfied with the Goods, contact us with your order details and we will issue full refund.
    11b. Due the nature of customized Goods (designed and developed specifically for a Customer), we offer no returns and/or refunds.

  12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United Stats of America and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of United Stats of America.

  13. Limited Liability:

    iReadySites shall not under any circumstances be liable for any consequential or indirect damages or losses however caused.

  14. Statutory Rights:

    All statements, guarantees or warranties in the above terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights.